Digital companies are destined to be global

But in spite of having a natural slant toward globalization from their infancy, they still need plenty of help along the way.

People who lead international expansion efforts at digital companies often wonder where to turn for guidance. The few resources that do exist aren’t that easy to find.

That’s why we’ve created born to be global. Here, you’ll find answers to your questions about taking a business global, from people who have globe-trotted in your shoes before.

Who We Are

Nataly Kelly

nataly_kellyNataly leads international operations and strategy at HubSpot and has previously held diverse roles leading marketing, research, product development, and localization. She writes for Harvard Business Review on topics of international marketing and business. Nataly grew up in rural Illinois, lives in Boston, and has visited 44 countries (so far).

Alexia Ohannessian

Alexia OhannessianAlexia is international marketing lead at Trello, where she recently launched the product in 21 languages through an innovative crowdsourcing effort. She has previously helped numerous companies create expansion strategies for Latin America. Alexia has lived and worked in three different continents. She is originally from France and lives in Brazil.

Luciana Baigún


Luciana is the head of marketplace for Argentina at MercadoLibre, the largest e-commerce and payments platform in Latin America. She previously ran international at DoubleDutch and Quidsi, an Amazon subsidiary. Before switching to tech, she worked in seven different countries in applied game theory consulting.