Here are some reasons to contact me:

  • Advisory. Need help with taking your company global? I support a limited number of companies every year in an advisory capacity. Please let me know the specific areas you need help with. If I can’t support you, I’ll do my best to refer you to people who can.
  • Book orders. Looking for signed copies or bulk orders of Take Your Company Global for your employees, customers, event attendees, or for a promotional giveaway? I’m happy to connect you with the right contacts at my publisher. They can arrange for bulk order discounts, custom-branded print runs with your company logo, and can even taking care of shipping books out to groups or individuals around the world if needed.
  • Speaking. Seeking a speaker for a webinar, conference, educational session, or other event that you’re planning? I support a variety of topics, including global business, scale-ups, marketing, international expansion, women in tech, SaaS, localization, managing global teams, and more. I only take on a small number of in-person events each year.
  • Podcast guest spots. If you need a guest for your podcast, don’t hesitate to reach out. I try to help out podcasters whenever I can.
  • Board recruitment. If you’re a high-growth, for-profit company looking to add to your board of directors, feel free to get in touch. (Note: After serving for many years with various organizations, I am taking a break from non-profit board appointments at this time.)
  • Media citations. Have a deadline for an article and need a subject matter expert? If you’re a journalist seeking commentary on one of the topics I cover, please get in touch.
  • Consulting. I do not have bandwidth to take on any consulting projects at this time. That said, if you’re looking for people who can help you with that, let me know and I’ll do my best to guide you to some good folks.

And to save you some time, here are some reasons not to contact me:

  • Selling. If you want to try to sell me something, please don’t do that. 😉 Instead, kindly read this article.
  • Looking for jobs at HubSpot. You have great taste! HubSpot is a pretty amazing and special place to work. But, please go to our Jobs page and apply directly. Recruiters will get back to you much faster than I can, and I don’t want you to miss an opportunity.
  • Seeking jobs in localization. You’ll be joining a pretty awesome community of globally-minded people. I highly suggest following my friend and colleague Uwe Muegge on Twitter. He continually shares new job opportunities in the localization field. If you’re trying to get started in localization, I suggest joining Women in Localization, a fantastic community and resource (not just for women). And don’t forget to check out Multilingual magazine.
  • Offering to write for this blog. I am not seeking guest writer contributions. But I also know enough about SEO to know a veiled backlink request when I see one. 😉 So please, don’t contact me to offer guest blog posts.
  • Pitching companies you want me to write about. I appreciate every hardworking PR person out there seeking placements and coverage. I’ve been in your shoes before. But I am not in need of ideas for what to write about for this blog. Sorry! If anything, I already have too many topic ideas percolating in Draft that I don’t have time to finish.

Something else?

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Or, you can email me: “nataly” at “”.