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Questions on Going Global

We love to hear from other people who are taking digital businesses global. Send your questions along, and we’ll do our best to get you answers.

Speaking Engagements

You need a keynote, conference presentation, seminar, or guest lecturer on topics of globalization, international expansion, localization, or global marketing.

Media Inquiries

You’re a journalist or blogger writing a story on one of the topics we cover, and you need expert commentary or insight.

Due Diligence

You’re a VC or investor doing due diligence and seeking to understand more about how the best SaaS and ecommerce companies expand globally.

Board Positions

You’re looking for an advisory board member or director with experience helping companies scale across borders.


The scope of what you need is more than just a question or two, or you need deeper advice on a specific region of the world.

For any of these scenarios, if we can’t help you, we’ll try to refer you to others in our networks who can.


Interested in contributing to born to be global? Passionate about international expansion? If you have experience taking a digital business global, we’d love to hear from you.